Your Personal & Marketing Credential Manager

How valuable would a database Resource of 500+ primo websites that are there for PERSONAL & MARKETING CREDENTIAL MANAGEMENT be for you?

Credential Manager

What if you could have ALL of YOUR credentials such as your affiliate URL’s, usernames (Encrypted), passwords (Encrypted), html/banner form code, email accounts, start-page URL’s and login links in a cloud-based Credential Manager, CENTRALIZED & ALWAYS INSTANTLY available to you for the website’s you are using?

Think about a SINGLE RESOURCE for the websites you are working with NOW…and TOMORROW as well, when the market has changed.  What a concept!

Being centralized in the clouds for access from ANY device, with ALL your Marketing credentials in a safe & secure environment just makes sense and that is exactly what this Credential Manager was built to do.

Now you have a machine working for you 24/7 that never gets tired.

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